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Insane 7 minutes of Burpees!


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100 Kettlebell Snatch – Coach vs Trucker Throwdown!


Check out what happened when one of our top online clients Andre, a real life trucker came to town and went head to head with the coach on 100 KB snatches – Ooooof!

Brutal 12 minute bodyweight and kettlebell AMRAP circuit


Try this tasty circuit from my recent online programme lads.
Go hard and try and complete as many rounds as possible in the given time..

Treble 8 – With A Twist


The brutal treble 8 Kettlebell cicruit is unleashed, but it has a twist too!

Bonus Bodyweight


Here’s another tough bodyweight only workout I recently set for my online members. Legs are the most important muscle group in the body so lets train them. Now give me 200 arse to grass squats!