Everyday both in person and online I talk to lads with massive pressures at work, financial strain, going through break ups and not seeing their kids.

Of course this isn’t the case for all but most men of our age demographic are heavily relied upon and that brings a burden to the mind.

Running a business and being a sole provider for my family my mind is often racing multiple times a day and it’s hard sometimes to get totally clear.

Thankfully there’s something we can ALL do as men to deal with our problems and strains, it’s called EXERCISE and it’s free.

Over the last few months I’ve really gotten back into my running, not because its superior for fat loss but because it allows my to have time on my own, alone with my thoughts and my favourite tunes (on my trusty blue iPod shuffle).

Once I’m a few kilometres in I often experience feelings of euphoria and immense clarity and always feel ‘high’ when I finish.

The endorphins are a real thing and the mental clarity it brings is something you can’t put a price on.

I’ve a fair bit on my plate at the moment juggling work, kids off school and making business decisions.

That run this morning was just what the doctor ordered.

My problems haven’t gone away but my head is completely clear to deal with them…

You won’t find answers in over consumption of junk food and booze, you’ll find a lot in exercise, so make it a priority.

Your body and mind will thank you.

Keep Truckin,

Coach Tregs

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