A client told me last week that there is evidence that more and more men in their 40s and 50s are signing up for Iron Man and Triathlon events…

I for one salute that!

A quick one about age.

I don’t buy into all that shit about slowing down as you get older, in fact I call bollocks!

Saying that is just an excuse to try and condone your laziness.

Im 41 in 4 weeks and Ive been saying for yonks that the life I lead now compared to 20 years ago is more set up for me to succeed with my health and fitness.


Ill show ya.

Aged 20.

✅ Out partying all weekend, off my tump on chemicals

✅ Drinking beer pretty much every night of the week at Uni with my mates

✅ Chinese or a curry 3 nights a week

✅ Going to bed late

✅ Fitting in a few runs a week wearing a bin liner under my footy shirt to sweat out my sins (don’t do that, all you lose is water btw!)

You get the picture right?

Aged 40.

✅ In bed for 9pm every night including the weekend (anything past 930pm gives me anxiety)

✅ One or two beers, maybe 3 of a given day on the weekend, but fuck all that is gonna make me regret it in the morning

✅ Live workout both Saturday and Sunday for my online members early doors followed by kids footy watching and coaching

✅ Balanced diet with loads of fruit, veggies, protein (+ crumpets),

✅ 3 litres water every day without fail.

✅ A structured training plan 5 x per week

✅ Throw in the discovery of self development a decade ago to add daily visualisation of goals, gratitude and positive affirmations.

So, does that fact Im 20 years older mean I should be pulling time on my health and fitness goals and maybe easing off the gas?


And neither should you….

Listen if you are guy in your mid to late 30s, 40s or even 50s, sat procrastinating about losing weight or completing a big fitness challenge because of your age then I ask you to track back 15 or 20 years just like I’ve done.

You’ll probably find that, just like me, your life is way more settled these days, less hedonistic and therefore set up for you to go and succeed.

Listen, your joints might be 20 years older, that’s cool, build in a mobility routine and/or take CBD oil.

You may not recover as quick as you used to, that’s cool, build in rest days and focus on getting good quality sleep.

BUT let me tell you this for nothing.

Unless you have had a heart attack, stroke or have been told by your doc NOT to exercise then get your arse off the couch and lets get going…

Don’t be that guy sat on the sofa full of regret in his 40s and 50s saying ‘I should of done something like that when I was younger’ – if you can put one foot in front of the other then you can still achieve your goals.

I bump into a bloke running with his dog 3 mornings a week over at Cosmeston lakes, he is 71 and his happy, vibrant and always gives me a high 5 when we pass each other…

Im gonna be that guy too!

I might be getting older but I ain’t stopping and neither should you.

So get up, lace up and lets get moving because I want you to succeed.

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