This feeling just moments after completing a 12k run in the sunshine feeling fit, healthy and vibrant at 40 years old!

I wish I could then give it to someone who is deliberating over signing up to one of our programmes for just 1 minute to taste how good it feels!

You see when you invest in fitness it’s not like when you purchase other things and get that instant ‘feeling’.

Let me explain….
If you go and buy a new car, you get to sit in it, drive it away and get the ‘feeling’ that new car gives you straight away….
You buy a new phone or iPad for instance and once again you get the instant high from playing about with your new toy immediately.


It’s not like that with en exercise and nutrition plan, you don’t get that ‘feeling’ the moment you invest your money and I think this is why a lot of people never invest in their own health and fitness.

They want that feeling straight away but it simply doesn’t work like that…
You have to commit
You have to have discipline
You have to show up daily and follow a plan
You have to give it more than just a few days….
Only then when you repeatedly do the above day in day out do you begin to get that feeling.
And let me tell you, this feeling is amazing….

It’s better than any holiday, any new iPhone, any item or clothing….
This feeling is priceless and I wish everyone who has never experienced this could feel it.


You gotta do the work, day in and day out.
I want you to feel like I do right now in this pic and you can but you gotta make this a lifestyle .

Let me tell you.
The early nights are worth it ✅
Saying ‘no’ to pissing it up every weekend is worth it ✅
Not mindlessly ordering and consuming takeaways because I can’t be arsed is worth it ✅

This feeling is worth it!

For anyone struggling right now but trying to make a change, I’m in your corner, keep going, it’s gonna be worth itSaid with love….

Keep Truckin and let’s roll

Before you go!

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