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Starting a new health kick? Read this.

A message for all of you lads starting a new health kick. It doesn't matter if you are not one of my paid in person clients, boot campers, or online clients - I want you to feel good. Feeling good comes from making health and fitness a PRIORITY and attaching a VALUE...

How clean eating virtually gave me an eating disorder

Just penning this post after eating a full Welsh breakfast with eggs, fried bread, beans, toast, the lot! I ate this guilt free as Im currently training more than ever in preparation for Manchester Marathon in April 2020, closely followed by my first Triathlon a month...

Don’t let age slow you down

A client told me last week that there is evidence that more and more men in their 40s and 50s are signing up for Iron Man and Triathlon events... I for one salute that! A quick one about age. I don't buy into all that shit about slowing down as you get older, in fact...

Over 30s men are swimming in STRESS!

Everyday both in person and online I talk to lads with massive pressures at work, financial strain, going through break ups and not seeing their kids. Of course this isn’t the case for all but most men of our age demographic are heavily relied upon and that brings a...

I wish I could bottle this feeling!

This feeling just moments after completing a 12k run in the sunshine feeling fit, healthy and vibrant at 40 years old! I wish I could then give it to someone who is deliberating over signing up to one of our programmes for just 1 minute to taste how good it feels! You...

Why saying “I want to lose weight” never works

Most men who join the 30+ Men's Fitness community say they joined because they want to lose weight, or that they want clothes to fit better. These men typically start full of motivation and lose a decent bit of weight in the first few weeks. But then motivation starts...

Why do we sabotage ourselves?

In this episode I talk about why we sabotage our goals and go into the psychology behind it. Having been guilty of this massively in the past and still facing the battle most days I talk from experience. Having C.B.T when my kids were very young and I felt overwhelmed...

Why you didn’t gain 5lb over the weekend

Something I often hear on a Monday from my bespoke clients and my online coaching clients is something like this. "Shit Tregs, I've done my Monday morning weigh in, and I've gained 5lb!" The first thing I tell them is that they haven't gained 5lb of fat. To gain 1lb...

A friend put me onto 30+ mens fitness, from the off really enjoyed like minded people to share my days out, and RunKeeper runs. About a year ago, I lost my leg in a cycling accident and started posting fitness videos while I was in hospital rehab. I joined The Brotherhood which was absolutely brilliant for my moral, it gave me a real lift. I've enjoyed Tregs' podcasts and Facebook lives, advice, etc and the Sunday morning live bootcamps which are brilliant.


The Brotherhood

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Meet Coach Tregs

30+ Men's Fitness Head Mark "Coach Tregs" Tregilgas founded 30+ in 2010 when he opened the first bootcamp in Cardiff.

Now, 30+ Men's Fitness has bootcamps up and down the country.

Thousands of men have been transformed with Coach Tregs' online programming, dropping weight and gaining muscle after years of struggling.

Coach Tregs knows exactly how busy life can be as an over 30s man. His two boys keep him busy (and often make guest appearances on live streams) when he's not coaching.

Did Tough Guy at the end of January 2019, did Tough Mudder and 2 Spartan in 2018, Tough Mudder and 3 Spartan in 2017 – all because of 30+, would never have considered anything like it before joining the Tregs Train, now I’m hooked!


The Brotherhood

I completed my first 10k (muddy woody) ever in February this year, alongside my fellow Hereford lads and foxes. I started with 30+ Men’s Fitness last June, and during my first session I couldn’t run 200mtrs without stopping, I remember feeling embarrassed/ashamed at the end of the session at how unfit I had become. However Shaun and the lads, gave me loads of encouragement and support which made feel good so i went back again and again, the benefit is remarkable, training and making new friends, in a non judgemental setting, whilst having a laugh and getting fit suits me just fine.


Hereford Bootcamp

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