Are you wanting to challenge yourself by taking part in a 10k, half marathon or an Obstacle Race like Spartan or Tough Mudder?

  • Full 6 week running training plan
  • Increase your running fitness, speed and volume
  • Mobility video drills to follow at home
  • Stretching and recovery advice
  • Home workouts designed to increase strength
Tough Runner

As we get older personal challenges are a must for keeping us focused, accountable and prevent us from becoming lazy.

Over the years we have noticed more and more men in and around our community getting themselves signed up to events and we only want to encourage them in the pursuit of their goals.

Maybe you have run in the past and enjoy it yet have no real training structure?

Whenever you have upped the mileage you have picked up strains and niggles which have left you frustrated and back at square one?

Chances are you have ignored key things like mobility, strength, flexibility and recovery and these will be drastically holding you back!

Well if you feel the above applies to you then you may want to watch the video below now to find out more about our forthcoming 'Running Man' online programme which has been put together to help you prepare more efficiently for an up and coming event.

Learn how to prepare and recover better, structure your running around essential mobility drills and strengthen areas that may have needed attention.....

This exciting programme will help you to prepare to run the race of your life.


Ged, The Brotherhood
We did the 10 mile Tough Mudder last year and it’s really worth committing to something I joined the 30+ Essex Bootcamp in July 2018 with no intentions to even thinking of doing it. After completing the 12 weeks boot camp there was so many people in the group doing marathons and other OCRs so thought why not give it a go. It was bloody hard and I faced a few fears and overcome them , all with the help of my over 30 brothers and sister Simone. In my head, I was nowhere near fit enough and was very apprehensive when I turned up up But one thing was made very clear to me when I arrived it’s not a race it’s about being part of a team and helping others. Believe me give it a go!


Yes! I want to sign up to the Running Man plan for £87

We are not going to pretend that training for a big race is easy, it's not! Of course you are going to have to dedicate time to training and putting in some mileage.

But whereas in the past you may have just 'hit the street' with no plan, this programme is going to give you a structured routine to follow.

Yes you will be running but you will also be addressing those often ignored areas like flexibility, stretching, mobility and recovery! You will also be following the tried and tested 30 Plus signature style bodyweight and kettlebell workouts which are proved to make you fitter and stronger.

Finally you will be able to prepare for a race with a clear, concise plan and no confusion so that when the race does come around you have left nothing to chance!

Be honest, does this sound like you?

  • You are keen to run in a local 10k, half marathon or obstacle race
  • Find 'just running' boring
  • You've often picked up little niggles and injuries from running which are holding you back
  • You never stretch or work on mobility
  • You want to improve flexibility
  • You currently may not 'believe' you have a big race in you.
  • You want a 'big goal' to help keep you focused
  • Want to impress your kids and mates by doing something you have never done before
  • You want to run, but always end up in pain
Trust me lads there is no better feeling than setting a huge goal, telling everyone and then working hard to achieving it.

Recently, myself and fellow coaches Brian and Ozzy (who penned this plan) trained for 4 half marathons across 4 weekends between September and October. This needed a lot of fitness training but also working on those ignored areas. Personally my quads and hamstrings were so tight they were always giving me grief when I did distance.

I'd told everyone on Social Media what we were doing and added to that I had the pressure of raising money for a charity very close to my heart and I didn't want to let anyone down. This 'accountability' forced me to get regular massage, foam roll and do daily stretches to iron out my problems.

We came through all 4 races unscathed and raised a tonne of money for charity. The feeling of achievement at the end of the 4 weeks was amazing and I told the lads that 4 weeks was a month of my life I will never forget.

The pressure of having to be race ready every 7 days meant we could leave nothing to chance or risk getting injured.

What this plan includes

  • Mobility video drills to follow at home
  • Advice on how to structure your mileage
  • Home bodyweight and and kettlebell workouts designed to strengthen your legs and core which of course will be essential to helping you run a great race.
  • Stretching and recovery advice.
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group with Coach Ozzy, myself and my team of 30plus coaches. It is here you that you will be video coached and be kept accountable to the programme with 24/7 support.
  • Advice on nutrition for performance and recovery
So there you have it guys, this plan will not only feature running and the mobility and stretching drills but also feature the popular 30 plus style bodyweight and KB drills circuits that we have promoted for years - you're gonna be getting a tonne of variety which will help you run the race of your life!

I look forward to helping you become a 'running man'.

Coach Tregs
(Founder of 30+ Men's Fitness)

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