Pack on muscle and torch fat with our barbell and gym based workout plan.

If you are currently training and seeing 'okay' results but yearn to pack on some muscle in order to make the wife look twice at you again and become a super hero to your kids, Muscle Up is for you.

Fat Dad to Fit Dad


Muscle UP is a 10 week programme paid weekly


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Lift heavy

Muscle Up is based around heavy compound lifts

Downloadable Manual

Our manual covers nutrition and workout form

Man-sized food portions

Eat big full sized portions!

Jay went from chunky to hunky after following the 30+ methods for over a year then working with me for on a programme committed solely to barbell training.


You can get muscular with visible abs and be that real life super hero that will have you're work colleagues and other Dad's look at you with envy.

I'm not going to pretend that the 10 week 'Muscle UP' is gonna be easy.

As your coach a father of two young boys and at times lacking in sleep I personally know how hard it is to commit to a resistance training plan. Lifting heavy 3 x per week requires not just physical strength but massive mental strength too and there are many times (even as a trainer) that i have to psyche myself up for a session for a good few hours before.

However, if you want to shape your body, feel hard and strong then put frankly you NEED to get under a bar and get lifting and to be doing that at least 3 x per week.

Yes you are going to work hard and sometimes it's gonna suck but I guarantee if you follow this plan for the ENTIRE 10 weeks then you are going to pack on some sizeable muscle.

The great thing about lifting BIG means you get to EAT BIG and you'll need to feed the machine by enjoying man sized portions of lean proteins, good fats, Non processed carbohydrates (in and around your training) and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

You'll also have some flexibility with the diet, it is 10 weeks after all, and as men over 30 with pressures, kids and stresses you'll need a mental release now and again so don't panic we are going to be able to fit some treats in and trust me, if done right, this will only accelerate your gains!

It will not be easy at first, especially if you haven't lifted before, I won't lie, you will feel pretty beat up for the first week as you central nervous system gets to grips with the added stress on the body. However fear not, as your coach and with 11 years experience I am not so stupid as to hammer you everyday without any rest. The rest is when you GROW and trust me with strategic rest days throughout the plan your body will soon adapt and become HUNGRY for more!

Within just 4 short weeks of following this plan your body will start to adapt, you will notice changes in the mirror, feel taller (via improved posture) and more confident both in and out of your clothes.

Be honest, does this sound like you?

  • You've been working out a while but want to take it up a notch.
  • You're at your goal weight but now want to start to build some LEAN MUSCLE
  • You're keen to get under the bar, get stronger and get some shape back
  • You have some nice shirts in the wardrobe but want to fill them a little better.
  • You are a member of a gym, follow a generic plan but it doesn't excite you.
  • You yearn to get that beach body of your 20s back.
  • Want to take off your shirt and have your partner look twice and your kids shout 'Daddy's got muscles!'
  • Keen to learn more about different styles of resistance training.

Trust me lads when I say I am majorly excited about bringing this programme online for you!

The 10 week 'Muscle UP' will quickly and concisely introduce you to all of the barbell methods that I use with myself and my one to one clients and boot campers here in my home town of Cardiff. Methods such as German Volume Training, pyramid training, drop sets, escalating density training will all be used at various stages of the programme to get you into the shape of your life.

You can get muscular with visible abs despite the chaos of life at our age and I will show you how.

Look I've made all the mistakes for you over the years and at our age you don't want to be wasting time with guess work on how to lose the belly.

Before I became a trainer I was lost and completely confused about exercise and nutrition in my 20s. I exercised around the clock pounding the streets for hours upon end, day in day out running countless miles for fat loss yet I still had a belly. I had no understanding of nutrition and no matter what so called 'healthy' food I put inside my body my waistline would never ever decrease.

I exercised way more than all of my friends who seemed to get away with doing nothing and still staying way leaner than me. In fact I was known as the chubby lad who was constantly exercising - my friends thought it was funny and I laughed along with them but I was crying inside.

The constant feeling of frustration lead me to heavy duty diet pills, which in turn lead to anxiety, panic attacks (which included a trip to hospital on my first one as I thought I was having a heart attack!) and subsequent depression.

Thankfully I finally learned the truth after years of suffering when I studied to become a personal trainer in my late 20s, yes I was overweight at the time and riddled with anxiety about if I could 'make' it or not. But soon I was to have many a 'lightbulb' moment go off in my head about exercise and the correct forms of eating and within little time I was leaner, more energised, sleeping better and more confident than ever before.



Tony went from lethargic, heavy and depressed to energised, ripped, muscular and full of energy over a 2 year period of dedication to the 30+ Muscle UP principles.


Are you ready for change?

So if you are ready to make a change and let the next 10 weeks be the journey that finally gets you into the muscular shape you desire then check out what you get when you sign up to the online 10 week 'Muscle UP'.

  • Full Nutrition Manual that tells you exactly what to eat to maximise muscle gains. You need to FEED the machine in order to get the most out of your hard work. A lot of your GAINZ will come from the implementation of this alone!
  • 4 x Home bodyweight and / or Kettlebell workouts designed to rev-up your metabolism so that you are burning fat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • 4 x Barbell and Kettlebell (single and Double KB) workouts designed inflict massive trauma on your body in order to force it to grow. Video demonstrations included for each exercise to ensure you never go wrong with your form or technique.
  • Easy to prepare recipes that consist of REAL and nutritious foods - YOU WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY!
  • Sample meal plans and shopping lists to take away the hassle and headaches of knowing what foods you can eat while you are making a lifestyle change. This can be followed if working away and staying in hotels or on the road.
  • Access to a private closed Facebook group with myself, my team of 30+ coaches and other over 30s men all on the same journey as you. It is here you that you will be video coached and be kept accountable to the programme with 24/7 support.

What Makes The '10 Week Muscle UP' Different?

For a start you are going to be surrounded a bunch of lads of a similar age going through similar things in life with the same day to day struggles and obstacles which basically means you are going to be understood.

Some days the last thing you are going to want is to head to the gym and get under a bar, but it's at times like this that you'll be able to post inside of the closed Facebook group and get a gentle 'kick up the bum' from the other lads all on the same journey as you.

My programme takes into account how busy we are, remember that the guy who created the programme (me) is a busy coach, business owner and father of 2 young boys who totally understands just how chaotic life is. Im a personal trainer and sometimes I find it difficult to get my workouts in but I believe that if something is a priority then you will make time and with the support and motivation of all the other boys online you will never have an opportunity to commit like this.

Unlike many other programmes out there I won't peddle you creatine and protein shakes inside my programme - instead Ill be getting you to focus on eating real foods such as good quality meat, fish, poultry, non processed carbs, eggs, real butter (yes eggs and real butter!), nuts, seeds and lots of fruits and vegetables, we will even fit a little junk in there - if eaten at the right time chocolate can be great for GAINZ!

Despite the plan being 70 days long you will be educated to make the right choices beyond the 10 weeks, integrate new training and nutritional habits so that they become the norm (did you know it takes 21 days to make something a habit) finally understand how to get lean, muscular and remain that way all year round.

Who Is the 10 Week 'Muscle UP' for?

I'll be honest with you lads, This 70 day plan is not for everyone. I'm extremely passionate about helping men over 30 get the best possible results during the 10 weeks and make it my business to get AWESOME fitness and fat loss results.

With decades of experience and lots of experimenting with different forms of eating and training, tweaking and testing, it's safe to say I know my onions and I am extremely confident in my 'product'.

The 'Muscle UP' is not some cheap boot camp or just another exercise class, It’s a tried and tested protocol designed to get you lean and muscular.

I'm not saying it’s going to be easy. I expect you to work hard, sometimes up to 5 x per week and commit to the eating plan 90% of the time.

Carrying on with your current lifestyle habits will unfortunately not get you the results you desire but I'm sure you already know that, so if you want to achieve something great, not just for you, but for your loved ones including your kids but are not interested in committing to making a positive change then this probably isn't for you.

What I'm looking for is over 30s men who are willing to give it 100% with everything required throughout the 70 day programme, get involved inside the closed Facebook group and commit to the workouts and eating plan...

The 10 Week 'Muscle UP' Is for You If...

  • You want to build a more muscular body
  • You want to increase confidence.
  • You want to start to see visible abs again!
  • You want your kids to think you are pretty much like Batman or Superman
  • You want your missus to give you a little more 'attention'
  • You want to learn some 'science' behind resistance training.
  • You want the help and guidance from a team of highly motivated over 30s trainers
  • But more importantly you want a system that gives you the tools to be able to maintain the results you achieve.

Nicky and Bobby both trained in PERSON with me using my the exact same techniques contained in this programme and became two of my most ripped and muscular clients.


Mark aka 'Bully' became one of my most vascular clients by committing himself to the 'steel' and shifting heavy shit 4 times a week just as we advise in the 10 week programme.


Outstanding Results

Hundreds of men just like you have transformed themselves with 30+ Men's Fitness.
They have taken back control of their health and their fitness.
They no longer fear a check-up at the doctors or when their kids ask to be taken to the park.

Ok, I get all that Coach Tregs but I still have a few questions

So How Much Is This AWESOME opportunity going to cost?

As one of the UK's most recognised personal trainers with decades of experience and a reputation for results, to work with me one to one in Cardiff would cost you more than £3000 for 12 weeks.

However, because I've designed this interactive home coaching program with the aim of helping many thousands of over 30s men worldwide feel better than ever using my methods, you may be shocked to learn that you can get the AWESOME benefits of my one-to-one fees at a fraction of the cost.

That's right, for less than the price of a Starbucks Latte per day you're going to get the 70 days of the very best in over 30s fitness coaching by one of the UK's experts for just £16.70 a week for 10 weeks.

Ready to pack on some muscle?

Coach Tregs
(Founder of 30+ Men's Fitness)

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