Welcome to Dial it in for December!

Why wait for 2023 to get cracking with your fitness goals? There’s still three months of the year left!

With the supermarkets about to start piling the shelves with Christmas treats in the coming months, it’s easy to start getting into the “Christmas spirit” by eating mince pies and hitting the Quality Street BEFORE bonfire night!

How many times have you promised yourself that you won’t go crazy this Christmas, only to end up a few stone heavier come January 1st?

You’re just making your job harder! Apply for our plan below and really push hard in October and November to drop the fat and get lean for party season. Enjoy a few treats in December without bursting out of your shirts!


Does this look like you from October onwards?

  •  Start to lose focus on nutrition and working out?
  •  Feeling tired and lethargic as bad habits creep back in?
  •  Finding it harder and harder to resist the mountains of chocolates at the end of the shopping aisles?
  •  Stop weighing yourself in fear of the number going back up to where you started the year?
  •  Start to dig out your older “bigger” clothes?
Trust me lads it does not have to be this way! There’s no harm in enjoying a few nights out at Christmas, but do you really need to undo all your hard work and slide back to where you started?


In this programme we are going to:

  •  Keep you focused and motivated throughout October and November
  •  Keep you accountable to hit your short term goal
  •  Give you regular check-ins from our coaches
  •  Give you a 1 hour nutrtion webinar to get you all set up
  •  Keep you full and satisfied with nutritions, higher protein foods


How the plan works

Every week you’ll get multiple scalable home workouts delivered to you in our private Facebook coaching group.

These workouts will contain 3 different levels; from beginner to advanced. Pick the level that you are comfortable with and give it your best!

We will provide a video with each workout so you can follow along with either me, Coach Tregs or Coach Kieran

I’ll be checking in regularly with Facebook Live videos in the private Facebook coaching group to make sure you’re staying on track.


Are you ready to finish 2022 strong?

Hang on. Are you ready to “Get Back On Track” in January. Book your spot now and enjoy your Christmas.

Shake off the excesses of Christmas with our 8 week plan which kicks off in January

  •  Four scalable home workouts per week
  •  Full nutrition guide
  •  Private Facebook group for accountability and support
  •  Group coaching and motivation
  •  Enjoy Christmas knowing you’ve got January sorted


Welcome to Back on Track!

Christmas is a time for family and making memories. With the best will in the world, not many of us are looking to get shredded this side of the New Year.

Most of us will indulge a little in the beers and festive food.

And that’s fine!

Let us get you back on track in January. Don’t put it off until you start seeing adverts for ‘summer bodies’ in spring!


Be honest, is this normally how you start a New Year?

  •  Bloated, tired and out of shape?
  •  Take up a gym’s special offer and visit twice with it rammed with New Year’s Resolutioners?
  •  Google around for a drastic weight loss plan?
  •  Start an extreme diet like juicing or shakes?
  •  Get overwhelmed quickly and end up quitting?
Trust me lads it does not have to be this way!


Smash the start of 2023 instead!

  •  Know exactly what to eat to kick-start a sensible and sustained weight loss
  •  Work out in under 30 minutes, four times a week.
  •  Learn how to apply advanced nutrition timing to maximise your weight loss
  •  Get regular group coaching by me and my team who get PROVEN results
  •  Keep you full and satisfied with man sized portions of REAL food (no diet pills or shakes, lads!)
RELAX this Christmas knowing that you’re booked in for January to get you back on track.


How the plan works

You will have: 

  • 8 weeks of easy to follow workouts
  • A choice of nutrition plans
  • Gold level support and accountability to get 2023 off to a flier!