This one might shock you but I truly believe that motivation isn’t a big factor in transforming your body….

Hear me out lads, especially if you think motivation is gonna pull you through

Look, here’s what I believe for what its worth….

Motivation will play a part, in getting you started!

Because when the emotional pain of staying the same gets too much, it is often the kick start to decide to change.

And at the start of any programme it is MOTIVATION that is high.

You tell yourself ‘This is my time” – “I’m going to change”, “I’ll show them” (often referring to friends and family etc) and you decide upon a path you will embark on.

Then this is what tends to happen.

Monday you have all your food prepped and you crush your gym session and all is going well.

Then during the rest of the week this thing called LIFE kicks in.

You may have a sleepless night with the kids, your boss might be giving you grief at work, you may even get an unexpected bill in the post; these are just a few examples.

This then leads to potential missed gym sessions, a day of poor nutrition, work stress and tiredness.

The motivation that you had on the Sunday night is now sucked out of you by Friday and all you can think about is smashing a few beers and a takeaway which is what you felt guilty about last weekend.

The motivation has been sucked out of you by this thing called LIFE and as emotive creatures and NOT robots, we want to revert back to type and go straight back to those bad old habits.

So if motivation is now gone what is it that is gonna keep us going?

1) Having a clear goal of where you want to be and a vision of how you are going to look and feel.

2) Having an adaptable plan that allows you to roll with the punches that life throws at you and ensures you don’t feel guilty for missing a session or having a poor days nutrition.

3) Having a big reason WHY you are doing this (this is a huge factor in keeping you focused on the end goal)

Noticed in point 3 I said keep you focused and not motivated. Look I’m talking from experience here when I say there are many days that I don’t feel motivated due to all the reasons I have already listed above. However, having the clear goal and reason WHY helps me to remain FOCUSED even when I’m tired, stressed and all out of motivation.

So there you have it lads, use motivation as a driver to get you going, understand that it will run out so ensure you have a clear goal, adaptable plan and a HUGE why to keep you going when life gets in the way.

Hope this gives you some value.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs

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