We all know it’s hard to get motivated to exercise sometimes and the gym can seem like a chore.

Listen, not everyone enjoys training, many struggle through it because they know it will make them feel better afterwards and/or take them closer to their goal.

And whilst at 30plus we hammer home the importance of things like bodyweight, kettlebell and barbell training it doesn’t solely have to be about that.

More and more I am telling clients to go and do an exercise that they really enjoy in and around their resistance training.

Recently I started playing 5 aside football again and I am loving it!

Truth be told up until recently I had not played for almost 8 years as I spent time growing my fitness business and then becoming a Dad for the first time almost 5 years ago.

Most games take place in the evening and for me that is non negotiable family time and therefore I’ve sacrificed playing, however just recently a chance conversation with a client lead me to being invited to play a 1 hour game on a Monday lunch time.

Fair to say I was absolutely blowing out of my arse during that hour but because I was enjoying it so much and playing as part of a team it spurred me on and kept me going.

At the end I checked my Fit-Bit stats and was buzzing to see I’d gotten through 7500 steps and over 800 calories burned during an hour of really enjoying myself.

It wasn’t just the calorie burn but I also met a top new bunch of lads of a similar age who are good banter and every Monday now I really look forward to playing.

To be honest I can’t believe I left it so long – playing as part of a team for me is a great incentive and massive motivation not to let anyone down.

So I ask you, if you sometimes are finding the gym a bit of a chore remember there are many other forms of exercise that will burn calories and give you enjoyment.

Get out on a bike for a cycle, take a long walk with the family, play badminton, tennis, touch rugby, whatever floats your boat, its all fun and it all burns calories!

I think sometimes we can get over consumed with sets, reps, tempos and different styles of resistance based training that it can becoming a bit serious. Whist it’s KEY to understand that you WILL have to do resistance training at some point to if you want to achieve a leaner more muscular body – don’t underestimate filling in the gaps with exercise that you really enjoy too.

Have a think about it lads – is there and old sport you could pick up once a week that’s gonna burn calories, get you fitter and be great social too?

Hope this give you some food for thought lads.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs

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