Many of you will know that we are big fans of kettlebell training at 30 Plus Men’s Fitness

The beauty of kettlebell training is that you can do it anywhere and can always stick one in the car on your travels (much to the annoyance of the missus).

Up until 9 years ago I was blissfully unaware of what a kettlebell was but started to take an interest when they arrived at a Crossfit gym I was based at and a few trainers were using them.

Keen to develop my learning with only a few years under my belt in the industry, I signed up to a course locally and all I will say is that it was a total game changer for me.

After a full day of getting to grips with the fundamentals and learning exactly WHY kettlebells were so useful, I went away covered in bruises having swung, cleaned, snatched and pressed.

In one day I was totally hooked.

I returned to the same instructor 18 months later to learn the art of double KB training and things then went onto another level.

But without talking too much about that, just WHAT are kettlebells used for and WHY do we love them so much at 30 plus?

Here’s 5 key points below.

1) They help develop posterior chain strength. Think some of the most ignored muscles by gym goers such as hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Kettlebells therefore help to develop largely neglected areas of the body.

2) They are a great solution for us busy over 30s men.
Busy people want the biggest bang for the buck.
Kettlebells can be the solution to trying to squeeze cardio, strength AND flexibility training in an already overbooked schedule. Best of all, they are so small and portable; training can take place in your bedroom or hotel room.

3) They combines “cardio” and “strength” training
As one of the best kettlebell coaches once said, “life doesn’t respect the difference.” Try sprinting to catch a train while carrying a heavy package or pushing a stroller. Did all that “cardio” training you did in “step class” or on the recumbent bike really help that much?

4) Its enjoyable and saves money. Let’s face it, most exercise can be boring. Kettlebell training is quick and enjoyable, which is one of the reasons you’ll stick with it. Using the variety of workouts we give you, you’ll never get bored! Gym memberships can be expensive (especially if you rarely go!) but with a single kettlebell you can have everything you need to create a healthy, fit body for the rest of your life. Buy a decent one and they are nearly indestructible.

5) They make you better at sex! Start building regular kettlebell swings into your weekly routine and come back and tell me if they don’t improve your hip thrust!

I’m not saying they make you last longer but at least you’ll be a stronger thruster for however many seconds it takes you!

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs

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