Members Club

Have you been following us on Social Media for a while? Maybe you have seen some of our workouts over at

You may also have been reading our emails and considering joining one of our paid online programmes but are not quite sure?

Look, we get it, there are so many internet fitness programmes out there, it’s an absolute minefield and with so much mis-information in the mainstream media it’s no wonder you may be sceptical.

It’s why we created our online Members’ Club, to show you how easy it can be to get up off the couch and get moving without the confusion or breaking the bank.

So what is our Members’ Club?

It’s our lowest barrier entry into our paid online platforms.

Each week you will be able to access 3 brand new ‘progressive’ workouts with 3 intensity levels to choose from:

1) Bodyweight only (perfect for guys who are returning after a long layoff from exercise)

2) Bodyweight and single kettlebell

3) Double kettlebell option

One of the 3 is a brand new pre-recorded, never been seen before 30+ workout for you to follow along with at home. This means 4 completely brand-new video workouts a month exclusively for you.

Join in with coach Tregs every weekend on the popular ‘Sunday Sweat Out’ LIVE session EXCLUSIVELY live inside Members’ Club

As a member you will also get FREE access to regular 21/28 day plans AND juicy discounts on the longer programmes.

No need to join a gym, no need to go it alone, all you need is a willing and able body (kettlebells are recommended but NOT essential)

If you have been thinking about it then think no more, jump inside now by completing your details and let us help you shed those unwanted inches, become more energised, get mentally clear (from the exercise and nutrition protocols we recommend) and finally get some energy to run around with the kids again!

We can’t wait to see you in Members’ Club

Keep Truckin
Coach Tregs