So… you’re at that infamous fork in the road that every man over 30 comes across.
One of two paths:

  1. Continue blaming your age, your genetics, your job and head down the path of being that lazy, overweight father screaming at his kids’ games for them to “hustle!”
  2. Take a new path with a group of men, over 30, just like you, looking to reclaim their fitness, get into the best shape of their lives and be the role models their kids deserve. Because you’re here, you’ve got one foot onto path #2!

    Let’s turn that one step into an all-out sprint like a kid with a new pair of shoes! GO!
30+ Men’s Fitness is a group of men just like you who are fed up with “it’s all downhill after 30.” We get it because we were there. It’s terrible to think that your best days are behind you… the reason it’s so bad is there’s still that flame deep in your core screaming: “That’s BS!”

You know it’s not true, but your body changed after 30 and with it, your composition. Your gut started getting bigger, and you told yourself it was just a beer gut. Your love-handles started to show, and you told yourself you just need more cardio. And even though we’re men and we’ve never had one of those so-called “feelings,” you started feeling self-conscious about how you look, which cramped your confidence and maybe even your sex life.

But remember, in your CORE, you know that’s BS. You know you’re not that kid in school or college anymore, but that you’re something better. You’re a man. And as generations of men before us have always said: You get to decide the kind of man you want to be.

Join a group of lads that listened to that flame in their core.

Join a group of lads, like the guys in this video, that transformed themselves into the kind of men that past and future generations can be proud of. Join 30+ Men’s Fitness.